3D Environment Artist


  • Model terrain, plants, and buildings
  • UV unwarp and texture assets.
  • Work with level designers and concept artists to ensure your work fits in with the project pipeline.
  • Work in and maintain the game’s style shown in concept art, from realism to highly stylized.

  • Experience in Maya
  • Build clean, efficient geometry that works well with character rigs.
  • Self-driven and motivated team player.
  • Experience in Mudbox or ZBrush a plus.
  • Experience in integration with Unity 5.0 a plus.
  • Experience in NavMesh Creation a plus.
  • Ability to be flexible in roles within the project is a plus.
About the Project

Sankofa, meaning literally, “go back and get it”, tells the story from past to present of the Akan people, from their rich culture and day to day life, to the fate they ultimately lived. The player travels from the mythological beginning of the universe, weaving through both history and legend, guided through the world by Anansi, the spider spirit and keeper of stories. Through adventure gameplay with rpg elements, the player completes challenges and lives their own story as one of the Akan people, taking on the power of the spirits in their quest to outwit Anansi, and ultimately death himself. Despite this victory however, the future still holds the undeniable history of slavery for the Akan people we have come to know and relate to.

Sankofa aims to bring a cultural understanding of history not regularly covered in standard educational curriculum. Schools may cover the topic of slavery, but there is not often an opportunity to understand and relate to the personalities and day to day lives of the people affected by it.

Through engaging gameplay and story, Sankofa hopes to bring this world to life in the form of a light action rpg where the player explores historical locations, interacts with people, and controls spirits to complete feats and solve puzzles. Currently, we are working to complete a vertical slice, showing one complete section of the project by the end of October.

All positions are located at the University of California Irvine Campus.

Please send both a portfolio or demo reel, and resume to Jessica at jmkernan@uci.edu