Seminar Talk 2015-05-02

“Computer Games and Virtual Environments for Medical Education and Research”

Walt Scacchi
Research Director
Institute for Virtual Environments and Computer Games
University of California, Irvine

Saturday, May 02, 2015 – 11:45am
Medical Education Building, Rm. 3070 (Bldg. 836) at UC Irvine

Abstract: In this presentation, I will identify, review, and compare emerging opportunities for computer games and virtual environments in medical education and research. Attention is directed to recent innovations in medical education that employ either computer games or virtual world technologies in clinical practice, basic medical science and translation into clinical practice, and collaborative work/play experiences. I will also briefly identify different information technologies that serve as medical education platforms, and how they can support different types of computer games and virtual world technologies. I close with a discussion of emerging opportunities for collaboration and exploration of new partnerships in medicine, health care, computer games and virtual environments.

Slides Presentation: Available here.