So long #GGJ16, and thanks for all the fun!

As the world uploads their last bits and bytes of games, we are thrilled to announce that Global Game Jam 2016 has concluded! Over 36,000 jammers across 93 countries have created almost 6800 games – making 2016 the biggest year for Global Game Jam yet!

Jammers from all corners of the globe created games inspired by a single theme – RITUAL – and 23 optional jam diversifiers. The resulting games spanned thousands of interpretations and executions – and they’re all available to play now!

Enjoy the fruit of our jammer’s efforts and play this year’s collection of Global Game Jam Games.

Jam sites across the globe have been actively sharing their local festivities online – be it through Twitter and Facebook updates to live-streams via our Twitch directory. It’s always incredible to see how jam adventures unfold and what new surprises are in store each year. From live orchestras to fantastic food spreads, 2016 was no exception. We loved seeing so many jammers bond over the weekend and we hope all the games, partnerships, and friendships you’ve created continue throughout the year and beyond.

Team sizes for GGJ 2016 are as follows:

  • Number of solo / single person teams: 1350
  • 2 member teams: 963
  • 3 member teams: 1133
  • 4 member teams: 1166
  • 5 member teams: 941
  • 6 member teams: 624
  • 7 member teams: 364
  • 8 member teams: 142
  • 9 or more members: 179

Thank you again to everyone who helped make this year’s jam a reality, from our volunteers and jam site organizers to our committees and sponsors including headline sponsors Unity and Defold Engine by King. None of this would have been possible without everyone’s amazing dedication, passion, and jam spirit. We can’t wait to hear from you all as you enjoy this year’s games – looking forward to seeing you again next year on January 20 – 22 for Global Game Jam 2017!

Source: GlobalGameJam