UCI Faculty and Researchers

AlexanderJonathanJonathan Alexander, Professor
Research Area: Writing Studies, Composition/Rhetoric, New Media Studies
Department: English
Email: jfalexan@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-7397
Office: 153 Krieger Hall
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BaldiPierre Pierre Baldi, Chancellor’s Professor, Director of Institute for Genomics and Bioinformatics
Research Area: Biomedical Informatics and Computational Biology, Databases and Data Mining
Department: Computer Science
Email: pfbaldi@ics.uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-5809
Office: 4038 Donald Bren Hall
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BarwickStevenSteve Barwick, Professor
Research Area: Astrophysics & Cosmology
Department: Physics & Astronomy
Email: sbarwick@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-2626
Office: 2129 Frederick Reines Hall
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BlackRebeccaRebecca Black, Associate Professor
Research Area: Literacy, popular culture, second language acquisition, computer-mediated communication
Department: Education
Email: rwblack@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-0592
Office: 3456 Education
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BoellstorffTom Tom Boellstorff, Professor
Research Area: Anthropology of virtual worlds
Department: Anthropology
Email: tboellst@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-9944
Office: 3322 Social & Behavioral Sciences Gateway
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BrouilletteLiane Liane Brouillette, Associate Professor
Research Area: Games for teaching children constructive social values
Department: Education
Email: liane.brouillette@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-4317
Office: 3356 Education
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BullockJames James Bullock, Professor
Research Area: Simulations and Gas cooling and the formation of galaxies, Galaxy mergers and interactions, Dark Matter and Dwarf Galaxies, Galaxy Stellar Halos
Department: Physics and Astronomy
Email: bullock@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-7727
Office: 2127 Frederick Reines Hall
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BurgeKimKim Burge, Senior Lecturer
Research Area: Games for teaching students and teachers
Department: Co-Director ArtsBridge America & Director of Educational Outreach, Center for Learning in the Arts, Sciences and Sustainability
Email: kburge@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-6383
Office: 2072 Education
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BurkDan Dan Burk, Chancellor’s Professor
Area: Intellectual property in virtual worlds
Email: dburk@uci.edu
(949) 824-9325
Law 4800-N
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head shot2Carol Burke, Professor
Research Area: New media studies, literal and cultural theory, and the ways in which life imitates art
Department: English
Email: cburke@uci.edu
Phone: (949) 824-4013
Office: 143 Krieger Hall
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ChenYunan Yunan Chen, Associate Professor
Research Area: Virtual worlds for medical collaboration and training
Department: Informatics
Email: yunanc@ics.uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-0959
Office: 5066 Donald Bren Hall
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CramerStevenSteven Cramer, Professor
Research Area: Mapping and treating neurorecovery in humans
Department: Neurology, Anatomy & Neurobiology
Email: scramer@uci.edu
Phone: (714)-456-6876
Office: UCI Medical Center, 101 The City Drive South, Building 53, Room 203, Orange
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CrawfordJohn John Crawford, Professor
Research Area: Dance Film, Interactive Media, Telematic Performance, Motion Capture, Digital Arts
Department: Dance and Media Arts
Email: john.crawford@uci.edu
Phone: (949) 824-8817
Office: 2036 CAC
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DonnellyJoseph Joseph Donnelly, Clinical Professor
Research Area: Autism, ADHD, Developmental disorders
Department: Pediatrics, Pediatric Neurology
Email: donnelly@uci.edu
Office: For O.C. Kids Neurodevelopmental Center, 1915 W. Orangewood, Ste. 200 Orange, CA 92868
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DurbinHollyPoe Holly Poe Durbin, Professor, Head of Costume Design
Research Area: Costumes for Virtual Environments and Computer Games
Department: Drama
Email: hdurbin@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-2179
Office: 147B Drama
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DuttNikil Nikil Dutt, Chancellor’s Professor
Research Area: Design of embedded systems for games and related technologies
Department: Computer Science
Email: dutt@uci.edu
Phone: (949) 824-7219
Office: 3086 Donald Bren Hall
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MikeDZmura Mike D’Zmura, Professor
Research Area: Brain-computer interfaces, vision, hearing, and virtual environments
Department:Cognitive Sciences
Phone: (949)-824-4055
Office: 2332 Social & Behavioral Sciences Gateway
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Steinberg-EpsteinRobin Robin Steinberg-Epstein, HS Clinical Professor
Research Area: Developmental Pediatrics, Pediatric Adolescent Medicine, Pediatrics, Autism, Behavioral & Learning Problems
Department: Pediatrics
Email: rsteinbe@uci.edu
Phone: (714)-939-6118
Office: 1915 W. Orangewood, Suite 200
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FrostDan Dan Frost, Lecturer SOE
Research Area: Game science education and student project courses
Department: Informatics
Email: frost@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-1588
Office: 5058 Donald Bren Hall
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Sergio Gago-Masague, Project Scientist/Lecturer
Research Area: Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Health, Serious Games
Department: Calit2/Informatics
Email: sgagomas@calit2.uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-1588
Office: 4413 Calit2
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GoldbergWendy Wendy Goldberg, Professor
Research Area: Games and raising children with an autism spectrum disorder
Department: Psychology and Social Behavior
Email: wagoldbe@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-5219
Office: 4564 Social & Behavioral Sciences Gateway
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Michael Goodrich Michael GoodrichChancellor’s Professor
Research Area: Design of high performance algorithms and data structures for solving large-scale problems
Department: Computer Science
Email: goodrich@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-9366
Office: 4216 Donald Bren Hall
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Ian Harris, Associate Professor
Research Area: Design of embedded systems for games and related technologies
Department: Computer Science
Phone: (949)-824-8842
Office: 3088 Donald Bren Hall
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Gillian R. Hayes, Associate Professor
Research Area: Computer supported cooperative work, human computer interaction, assistive technology, educational technology, medical informatics
Department: Informatics
Phone: (949)-824-1483
Office: 5072 Donald Bren Hall
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HolmanAlison Alison Holman, Interim Director, Associate Professor
Research Area: The mental and physical health consequences of trauma; genetic vulnerability to stress-related mental/physical health problems; resilience; cognitive, social and emotional response to trauma
Department: Nursing Science
Email: aholman@ics.uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-0217
Office: 100E Berk Hall
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HughesBrad Brad Hughes, Lecturer SOE
Research Area: Science Education,Educational Media Production, Scientific Visual Arts
Department: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Email: bhughes@uci.edu
Phone: (949) 824-2359
Office: 301 Steinhaus Hall
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ItoMimi Mimi Ito, Research Scientist
Research Area: International study of game cultures and technologies
Department: Informatics
Email: mizukoi@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-9011
Office: 5224 Donald Bren Hall
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Jesse Jackson, Assistant Professor
Research Area: Virtual Environments for Architecture and Design; Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing; Composite Photography and Videography; Visual Anthropology
Email: j.c.jackson@uci.edu
Office: ACT 2231
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JafariMahtab Mahtab Jafari, Associate Professor
Research Area: The Impact of Botanical Extracts on Longevity and Health Span, Anti-Aging Pharmacology, and Preventive Medicine
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Email: mjafari@uci.edu
Phone: (949) 824-0145
Office: 3232 McGaugh
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Ramesh Jain, Professor
Research Area: Experiential computing, multimedia information systems, machine vision, and intelligent systems.
Department: Information and Computer Sciences
Email: rcjain@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-0133
Office: 3222 Bren Hall
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KainZeev Zeev Kain, Professor & Chair, Anesthesiology; Associate Dean for Clinical Operations
Research Area: Clinical management of perioperative fear and anxiety, management of children undergoing invasive medical procedures
Department: Anesthesiology
Email: zkain@hs.uci.edu
Phone: (714)-456-7414
Office: 333 City Boulevard West, Suite 2150, Orange
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KobsaAlfred Alfred Kobsa, Professor
Research Area:
Interactive & Collaborative Technology: HCI
5092 Donald Bren Hall
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KrappPeter Peter Krapp, Professor
Research Area:
Machinima; media history of artificial worlds
Department: Film/Media Studies
Email: krapp@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-3532
Office: 2321 Humanities Gateway
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KurdahiFadi Fadi Kurdahi, Professor and Director for Embedded Cyber-Phy. Systems
Department: Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Email: kurdahi@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-8104
Office: 3436 Engineering Hall
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LaFargeAntoinette Antoinette LaFarge, Professor, Associate Dean
Research Area: Games as performance art
Department: Studio Art
Email: alafarge@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-5297
Office: 2224 ACT Art Culture & Technology
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LeeJung-Ah Jung-Ah Lee, Assistant Professor
Research Area: Health care systems management, Cost-Effectiveness in Health, Technology for Older Adult Health Care, Simulation in Health Education
Department: Nursing Science
Email: jungahl@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-2855
Office: 100A Berk Hall
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cliu Catherine Liu, Professor
Research Area: Intellectual History of Cultural Studies, Academic Conflict, Psychoanalysis, Populism, Critical Theory, Frankfurt School
Department: Film & Media Studies
Email: liu@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-3532
Office: 2224 Humanities Gateway
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LopesCristina Cristina V. Lopes, Professor
Research Area: Design and construction of virtual worlds and core technologies
Department: Informatics
Email: lopes@ics.uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-1525
Office: 5076 Donald Bren Hall
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LueckeHartmut Hartmut Luecke, Professor
Research Area:
Department: Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, Computer Science and Physiology & Biophysics
Email: hudel@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-394-7574
Office: 520/530/540 Steinhaus Hall
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MajumderAditi Aditi Majumder, Professor
Research Area: Geometry, Computer Graphics and Visualization, Computer Vision
Department: Computer Science
Email: majumder@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-8877
Office: 4056 Donald Bren Hall
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MarkGloria Gloria Mark, Professor
Research Area: Virtual worlds for collaborative work
Department: Informatics
Email: gmark@ics.uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-5955
Office: 5212 Donald Bren Hall
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McBrideMichael Michael McBride, Associate Professor
Research Area:
Department: Economics
Email: mcbride@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-7417
Office: 3129 Social Science Plaza A
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MeenakshisundaramGopi Gopi Meenakshisundaram, Professor
Research Area: Computer Graphics / Visualization / Digital Arts
Department: Computer Science
Email: gopi@ics.uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-9498
Office: 4204 Donald Bren Hall
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NardiBonnie Bonnie Nardi, Professor
Research Area: Interactive & Collaborative Technology: Human-Computer Interaction / Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Theoretical approaches to HCI/CSCW
Department: Informatics
Email: nardi@ics.uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-6534
Office: 5088 Donald Bren Hall
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NaugleLisa Lisa Naugle, Professor and Chair
Research Area: motion capture, video, animation and telematics
Department: Dance
Email: lnaugle@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-3209
Office: 300 Mesa Arts Building
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OlshanskyEllen Ellen Olshansky, Director/Chair
Research Area: Women’s health across the lifespan, infertility, depression, qualitative research methods
Department: Nursing Science
Email: eolshans@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-9734
Office: 252D Berk Hall
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OlsonGary Gary Olson, Bren Professor
Research Area: Collaborative 3D virtual world environments for work and HCI
Department: Informatics
Email: golson@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-0077
Office: 5202 Donald Bren Hall
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OlsonJudy Judy Olson, Bren Professor
Research Area: Collaborative 3D virtual world environments for work and HCI
Department: Informatics
Email: jsolson@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-0080
Office: 5206 Donald Bren Hall
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ReinkensmeyerDavid David Reinkensmeyer, Professor
Research Area: neuromuscular control, motor learning, robotics, and rehabilitation
Department: Anatomy & Neurobiology
Email: dreinken@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-5218
Office: 3225 Engineering Gateway
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Seed (1)Patricia Seed
Research Area: modern dance, the history of cartography, and digital analysis and restoration of maps
Department: History
Email: seed5@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-6521
Office: 259 Krieger Hall
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Bonnie Ruberg, Assistant Professor
Research Area:
Department: Informatics
Email: bruberg@uci.edu
Office: 5058 Bren Hall
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braxtonBraxton SodermanAssistant Professor
Research Area:
Digital and new media studies, digital art & electronic literature, media archaeology, critical theory
Department: Film & Media Studies
Email: asoderma@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-3532
Office: 2124 Humanities Gateway
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Kurt SquireProfessor
Research Area:

Department: Informatics
Email: ksquire@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-9045
Office: 5064 Bren Hall
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Constance SteinkuehlerProfessor
Research Area:

Department: Informatics
Email: const@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-8716
Office: 5062 Bren Hall
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Theresa Jean TanenbaumAssistant Professor
Research Area: 
Identity, empathy, and transformation in digital games, electronic literature, digital narratives, DiY and Maker culture, Steampunk, design fiction, nonverbal communication in virtual worlds
Department: Informatics
Email: ttanen@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-7078
Office: 5052 Donald Bren Hall
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TomlinsonBill Bill Tomlinson, Professor
Research Area: Games/virtual worlds for Green IT, ecological restoration, and informal science education
Department: Informatics
Email: wmt@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-9804
Office: 5068 Donald Bren Hall
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TsudikGene Gene Tsudik, Chancellor’s Professor
Research Area: Security Privacy and Cryptography
Department: Computer Science
Email: gts@ics.uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-3410
Office: 458E ICS
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Aaron TrammellAssistant Professor
Research Area:

Department: Informatics
Email: trammell@uci.edu
Office: 5048 Bren Hall
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vanderHoekAndre André van der Hoek, Professor and Department Chair
Research Area: Games, game-based virtual worlds, and other multi-modal interfaces for software engineering
Department: Informatics
Email: andre@ics.uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-6326
Office: 5038 Donald Bren Hall
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VenkatasubramanianNalini Nalini Venkatasubramanian, Professor
Research Area: Networked & Distributed Systems, Internet Technologies, Applications
Department: Computer Science
Email: nalini@ics.uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-5898
Office: 2086 Donald Bren Hall
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WarschauerMark Mark Warschauer, Professor, Interim Dean of School of Education
Research Area: Game-based learning and student writing environments
Department: Education
Email: markw@uci.edu
Phone: (949)-824-2526
Office: 3225 Education
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