Virtual Reality 101

Last weekend’s three-day VR Worlds Workshop gave students a fantastic opportunity to step into the world of virtual reality and create a world that was truly their own. The first day was dedicated towards familiarizing the students with Unity, a software used to develop video games, and basic programming concepts. In this session, students learned how to manipulate the properties of 3D objects to create scenes.

During the second day of the workshop, students were able to incorporate interactivity into their games. Students built and showcased their home models to each other, complete with unique decorations of their choosing.

The final session introduced the students to 3D sound and taught them how to integrate the VR controllers into their game, giving players the ability to move objects. By the end of the workshop, each student was able to walk away with their own complete, interactive world. We’re looking forward to hosting similar workshops in the future, so keep an eye out for them!